Areas of expertise

Biotechnology Applied to Health
Immunity and immunopathology of transmissible and non-transmissible diseases; Development of vaccines, medicines and diagnostic methods; Tissue Bioengineering.
Coordinator: Dr. Mitermayer Galvão dos Reis

Molecular Epidemiology and Investigative Medicine
Study of Epidemiology of transmissible and non-transmissible diseases with classical methods and application of molecular epidemiology methods; Clinical trials for evaluation of drugs, vaccines and interventions for disease prevention.
Coordinator: Dr. Edson Duarte Moreira Júnior

Cell Biology
Pathogenic x Host interaction; Identification of molecular targets for therapy; Mechanism of drugs action.
Coordinator: Dr. Marcos André Vannier dos Santos

Computational Biology Applied to Health
Development of bioinformatics tools applied to the areas of health and biological sciences; Use of computational approaches for genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolites analyzes; Development of mathematical and computational methods for analysis, distribution, management and manipulation of biological data.
Coordinator: Dr. Luiz Carlos Júnior Alcântara